Foot Care


For those who need special foot care, a specialist, Deanna Newbury of Best Foot Forward, visits the clinic once per month. The cost is $40 for a half hour appointment. Check the calendar on the home page for upcoming dates.

Are your feet in need of some healing?  A foot care practitioner offers podiatry services, including skin care, nail filing and trimming, diabetic foot care and care for callouses.


Ionic Foot Bath Detox

Donna Peters of Essentials Wellness Studio offers Ionic Foot Bath Detox. This helps to detoxify your body by removing toxins that collect and build up in the cells over time. Reducing toxins reduces susceptibility to illness and helps to sustain wellness. This alternative therapy re-balances and re-energizes the body to run at optimal levels, utilizing nutrients more effectively and allowing for waste to be for effectively eliminated.  Call the clinic to arrange an appointment.

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