Nurse Practitioner


The nurse practitioner Keltin (Keltie) Everett is based in Chase but visits her patients in the North Shuswap every month.  Check the home page calendar for her dates.

If you are an existing patient of the NP, call the Chase Clinic to request a visit at Scotch Creek.   Call weekdays 250-679-1420


Nurse Practitioners are not physicians, they are nurses with a graduate degrees or advanced practice training. This training provides them with the ability to diagnose and treat the common medical illness that occurs to patients during their life. They have the ability to order tests, offer referrals, and write prescriptions.

With their nursing background, health promotion and health education are an integral part of nurse practitioner visits.
Each Nurse Practitioner comes with a different background in nursing, as do GPs, and focus on different populations. There are NPs in hospitals and in community clinics. They care for people with heart problems in specialized units, complex pediatric populations with genetic diseases, hard to reach populations such as those in remote communities and in primary care. To name a few.

With their training, nurse practitioners bring together knowledge of medicine using nursing skills to help their patients manage their own health issues, chronic or otherwise. Their nursing skills of looking at the whole person, mental, physical, and social aspects of their lives, helps their clients to focus on the health issue and manage them within the context of their lives and families.




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