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The North Shuswap Health Centre Society

Image by Dylan Gillis


The NSHC Society is a group of local volunteers from the North Shuswap dedicated to providing healthcare to our community. 

Trees and Mountains


1. The name of the Society is the North Shuswap Health Centre Society.

2. The purposes of the Society are to promote health of the public in the North Shuswap area, including Area F within the Columbia Shuswap Regional District:

I. by assessing the health care needs in the North Shuswap and developing health services in the North Shuswap to meet those needs;

II. by working with health professionals and government agencies to promote and facilitate delivery of health care programs and services available to the public in the North Shuswap;

III. by recruiting health care practitioners to the North Shuswap and encouraging health care practitioners to deliver health care services to the public in the North Shuswap;

IV. by providing and equipping facilities in the North Shuswap to enable health care practitioners to provide health services to the public;

V. by acquiring, holding, purchasing, converting, leasing, mortgaging, selling or disposing of any real or personal asset of the Society, and investing and re-investing any of the assets of the Society to support the purposes of the Society; and


VI. by accepting donations, grants, contributions and gifts, and applying such donations, grants, contributions and gifts in a manner consistent with the purposes of the Society;


VII. by operating a related business to support the purposes of the Society;


VIII. by undertaking such activities as are incidental to the attainment of the above purposes of the Society.

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